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    *We can handle these types of plans if need be. *We are not CPAs and do not prepare tax returns nor are we attorney’s.

    Financial Planning Services in Frisco

    Financial planning is an essential part of ensuring you’re able to live the life you want. It gives you confidence that you can buy a home, educate your children, and retire comfortably. It also requires smart decisions and planning for a future that may be many decades away.

    Financial planning in Frisco can be difficult. Local real estate trends and salaries are continually changing – you’ll need as much information as possible to make smart decisions. At Hedgefield Wealth Management Firm, we know everyone has different goals. We are proud of our individualized approach to portfolio management. We take your goals, needs, and personal situation into consideration to create a financial management plan that works for you. When it comes to private wealth management in Frisco, we are dedicated to serving you. Our team does not include CPAs or attorneys, so you may need to work with those professionals for some services.

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    Wealth Management in Frisco

    Wealth management firms can vary greatly in the services they provide. At Hedgefield, we offer a wide range of options, meaning we’ll likely find the right fit for you. If you are struggling to make a large financial decision, try an hourly planning session with one of our Frisco financial advisors. If you want a plan to help you become financially set for retirement, we can provide a financial planner to create a standalone financial strategy at a one-time fee. On the other hand, one of our ongoing asset management plans may be ideal if you have more complicated needs.

    Do You Need Financial Management?

    Working with an asset management firm in the short term can go a long way towards achieving your financial goals. The professionals at Hedgefield Wealth Management can help with portfolio management in Frisco, whether you are just starting in your career or are ready for retirement.

    Our hourly financial planning meetings provide expert advice on major financial decisions. If you need help determining your investment management strategy or can’t decide if you should buy real estate in Frisco, we can help.

    If you are looking for help creating a wealth management plan that you can follow for decades, a standalone financial plan might be what you need. With that service, we look at where you are now and create a forecast of the life you want in the long term.  From there, we can create a plan that will serve as an asset management guidepost for decades.

    If you are looking for a more personal relationship with your financial advisor, long term private wealth management might be for you. This service lets you work with someone who will truly understand your unique situation. We offer many different options, and there is sure to be one that will meet your needs.

    Financial Planning services

    An Asset Management Firm Bound by Fiduciary Duty 

    Asset management firms are all different. Every firm is driven by myriads of insights that could either lead to fluctuations in portfolio performance or a secured future for you. That’s why you need asset managers who can help you identify your financial goals and map out a plan to grow solid investments over time. While most wealth managers are only out there to accomplish sales targets, you need to work with a wealth management firm that supports your best interest.

    Hedgefield has committed to staying true to your best interest. This is evident in our asset management process, which focuses on the person and not just on the portfolio. In fulfilling our promise to put your interest above our own, Hedgefield incorporates your financial planning into our investment management.

    If you’re looking at private wealth management in Frisco and intend to build a strong relationship, work with a financial planner that can help you understand the details of your financial situation and make the best possible decisions for portfolio management. Our asset management service starts from $2,000 to $5,000 per year, depending on the services you select.

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