How We Help Clients

Solutions to Fit Your Needs

You should be able to understand what you are paying for and what you are getting in return.

You should only pay for the services that you want or need. And Hedgefield believes that you deserve to understand how those services help you to reach your goals. Hedgefield listens to clients and then creates personalized solutions that work for them.

Financial Planning

Hedgefield believes that any plan should include both personal and financial goals. We realize that everyone is at a different point in life. There is no ONE right solution. Not everyone needs help with investments. That is why we offer a range of planning solutions ranging from an hourly engagement to annual ongoing financial planning.

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Investment Management

Hedgefield believes that the simplest approach is often the best. Life is complicated enough without your investments making it more complex. We realize that not everyone wants financial planning. That is why we offer investment management by itself. Even if you need help with a 401(k) or an account held somewhere else, we can help.

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Wealth Management

Hedgefield believes that synergies occur when you have a partner coordinate your planning and investments.  Not only do you have someone that assists you in developing a plan, but you also have someone that helps you to stick to that plan. Someone that is by your side to guide you through each decision as it comes up in life.

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