Investment Management

Fee Schedule

We want to be as clear as possible when it comes to our fee schedule. This stops confusion right in it’s tracks and leads to healthy interactions. So, in order to be the most effective in our offerings, we must set a mark.

The minimum account opening balance is $250,000 for clients who engage us solely for asset management.

We know that people live under a vast array of circumstances. Maybe someone is younger and not quite at those levels yet.

That’s why the minimum account opening balance requirement may be negotiable based upon certain circumstances and at our discretion.

Note: We can offer investment management separate from financial planning. This is in keeping with our core belief that people should pay for only what they want or need. When a client engages for both services, we believe it simplifies both our our lives and that is reflected in our pricing. 

Fee Schedule Woman on the Phone getting financial advice

Management Costs with Annual Financial Planning

Fee Schedule

Portfolio Size FEE
$0 – $2,000,000 0.50%
Above $2,000,000 0.25%

Management Costs without Financial Planning

The following fee schedule applies to new clients who engage us solely for asset management.

Fee Schedule

Portfolio Size Accounts held at Hedgefield’s Custodians Accounts not held at Hedgefield’s Custodians
$0-$2,000,000 0.75% 1.00%
Above $2,000,000 0.50% 0.75%

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